Tax Preparation

Since 2013, Local Services has been providing quality tax preparation services for our clients. We have always worked hard to get our clients the biggest return possible, and our customers have been returning for our services year after year.

  • Tax returns online or over the phone
  • We securely protect your information
  • And get you the best return for your situation

Online Tax Services

Local Services can also get your taxes done stress-free and in minutes with our NEW easy to use Mobile App. Download the mobile app Taxpass and use the QR CODE T3HTRPJD

Bonus Tax Services

We include bonus services for our clients as well:
1. Up to $4,359 per child
2. Up to $6000 Cash Advance same day
3. Free quote for W2s
4. Make up to .$100.00 for referrals
5. NEW easy to use mobile app
6. Email, phone or traditional appointments can save time.