Florida CE Requirements (RN, LPN,CNA, HHA)

The Florida Board of Nursing requires 24 hours of proceeding with training at regular 2 years intervals including 2 hours of restorative mistakes avoidance and 2 hours or Florida Laws and Rules. Each third recharging 2 hours of Domestic Violence are required notwithstanding the 24 hours or general CE. HIV/AIDS is presently a one-time, 4-hour CE prerequisite to be finished preceding the principal restoration. Abusive behavior at home CE is currently a 2-hour prerequisite each third restoration. This two-hour DV course is notwithstanding the required 24 hours of general CE.

Starting with recharges after August 1, 2017, each Florida nursing proficient will be required to finish 2 hours in the branch of knowledge of Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace. The 2 hours are required amid the primary recharging after August 1, 2017, and after that each other permit period after that.

Starting January 1, 2019, all nursing experts must finish a 2 hour CE seminar on Human Trafficking. The primary licensees who should satisfy this CE prerequisite are those recharging April 30, 2019.

Required Courses

  • Domestic Violence – 2 Contact Hours
  • HIPAA – 2.0 Contact Hours
  • Prevention of Medical Errors – 2.5 Contact Hours
  • End Of Life: Palliative VS Curative Care – 2.0 Contact Hours
  • AIDS/HIV – 4.0 Contact Hour
  • Impairment in the Workplace Florida Nursing – 2.0 Contact Hours
  • Elder Affairs and Abuse – 2.0 Contact Hours
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Related – 4.0 Contact Hours
  • Assistance with Self – Medication – 4.0 Contact Hours
  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making – 2.0 Contact Hours
  • Infection Control /Tuberculosis – 2 Contact Hours